No matter your industry sector - aerospace, automotive, electronicsmanufacturing or service - an effective quality management system (QMS) will help you thrive and rise above the competition. Quality is a key component of both customer satisfaction and profitability, but it can be time-consuming and expensive to develop all the training and skills you need. Treeline Consulting delivers a consistent, sustainable approach that provides the benefits of an effective QMS while keeping the cost well within your control.


Four simple steps that together create a closed-loop cycle leading to continuous improvement in all aspects of your business. 

Whatever your end product or outcome, the Do phase is when you make it “it.” This step is the execution of your planning using the appropriate processes and resources you identified previously.​

When the “Do” phase is completed, it is time to determine if the end results match the expected outcome. During the “Check” phase, key process indicators (KPIs) can be used to compare your intended result to the actual final product.​

In the Act phase, information gained by evaluating your KPIs is used to determine what changes need to be made to your plan. Now is the time to figure out what didn’t go according to plan, and what may be done differently to eliminate mistakes and improve results.​

A business starts with an idea, but it takes planning to make that idea a reality. The Plan phase is your opportunity to determine how to operate, control, and measure your processes, as well as identify the necessary resources to do so.​

- Darren Womacks, Vice President

Unirac, Inc. 


“By implementing robust verification and validation processes we ensured all products met customer performance requirements, which was a 100% turnaround from past performance. Conversely, by taking a risk-based approach we reduced some engineering conservatism that had made some products uncompetitive for many years.”

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